We are supplier and exporter of Blonanserin API / Blonanserin Powder from manufacturer in India. We supply this product with good quality at competitive price. It is white to off white powder. It is an atypical antipsychotic.



Sr NoTestsSpecifications
1DescriptionIt is a white to off white powder
2SolubilityIt is soluble in tetrahydrofuran and dichloromethane
A. By IRThe IR absorption spectrum obtained with the test substance should be concordant with the spectrum of the reference standard.
B.  By HPLCThe retention time of the major peak of the test sample solution should be match with that of Blonanserin working/reference standard in the test of related substances by HPLC
4Loss on drying @105°C for 3 hoursNot less than 1.0%
5Sulphated AshNot more than 0.1%
6Related Substance by HPLC
Single maximum unknown impurityNot more than 0.3%
Total ImpuritiesNot more than 1.0%
7Assay By HPLC (On Dried Basis)Not less than 98.0% and Not more than102.0%
8Additional test parameters
Residual Solvents
DichloromethaneNot more than 600 ppm
AcetoneNot more than 5000 ppm
The product complies as per the above specification
Storage : Store at room temperature in an airtight container

Blonanserin API / Powder – Supplier / Manufacturer